Privacy Statement

The privacy and accessibility statement covers the services provided by the Young Dementia Support website.

The purpose of the privacy statement is to inform users of this website, which is managed by the Early Onset Dementia team at St Georges Hospital about the information we collect from visitors, our privacy policy and our accessibility standards. By continuing to use this website you are signifying your agreement to the terms of use.

Information we collect from visitors

We use cookies to help us collect information about visits to the Young Dementia Support website using Google Analytics. Cookies are pieces of data created when you visit a site, and contain a unique, anonymous information. Cookies do not contain any personal information about you and cannot be used to identify an individual user. You may chose not to accept the cookie and this will not affect your use of or access to most of the content on this site.

Cookies help us track information about the number of visits to our site, the average time spent on each page, what information you print and what external websites you then access. This helps our web team to see what is popular and where users may be experiencing problems. We use this information to improve our services.

Cookies are stored on your device hard drive in the cookie directory and do not expire at the end of your session. You can change your cookie settings on your computer.

We will never share or disclose your information with third parties unless you have specifically requested us to do so. Third parties could include support organisations and charities we work with.


Feedback and comments about the website

If you provide feedback on the Young Dementia Support website through our on page feedback feature we will only use this information to develop and improve the site. If you have provided an email address or requested information about the site, we will only use you email address to respond to your request and will not store or use this information for any other purposes. We never share your details with third parties.


Communications about the EOD Support Group

Attendance at the Early Onset Dementia support group is by invitation from the St Georges Hospital Neurology department. The website will be used to advertise upcoming support group meetings and information about early onset dementia.

If you are a patient or carer of someone attending the George’s Hospital Neurology department and require details about the support group, we ask that you contact us using our contact us form found on the support group section.

Please do not provide medical based information via the website as we do not accept email communications about medical services or treatments provided by the hospital. Please contact your specialist dementia nurse or care practitioner.


Privacy on external websites and forums

We link to a number external websites, blogs and forums from this website. The use of these services is at the user’s risk.  We will only provide a link to that service and are not responsible for the content, services or information from third parties. Details about privacy can be found on each external blog and forum.

Please be aware that the information (such as your name, age, email or postal addresses, name of employer) and any other details you provide to third parties when accessing online support forums, are governed by their privacy policies and may be publicly displayed.

We do not recommend or endorse any specific services but we do take feedback from our users about what they have found useful.


Accessibility statement

The Young Dementia Support website is designed to be accessible and easy to use with a range of mobile, tablet and desktop devices. 

The website has been designed to be used on mobile, tablet and desktop devices and achieve a minimum of Level Double-A accessibility standard. The Young Dementia Support team will audit the website regularly to ensure accessibility across our content and we welcome feedback from our users to help us provide a high quality experience to everyone.

We publish a range of information from St George’s Hospital Trust and organisations we work with. Unfortunately some PDF documents not produced by Young Dementia Support may not be suitable for people using assistive technology.

We are not responsible for the accessibility of external websites and content that we link to but will listen to our user’s feedback when linking to sites that may not meet the accessibility standards we expect.


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