If you are concerned about your memory or cognitive changes, you should see your GP in the first instance. You should note any changes in cognition or behavior so that your GP is clear what your concerns are. We have found that thinking about language changes, sleep patterns and any changes or difficulties with day to day activities helps to describe these to your GP. You might find the following diagnostic questionnaires a good way of summarising changes and concerns about your cognition.

St George’s Hospital uses two diagnostic questionnaires; a questionnaire for the person concerned about changes in their memory and cognitive function and a questionnaire for family or friends to complete which details any changes that they have witnessed.

The questionnaires can be printed and each take approximately 10 – 20 minutes to complete.


Diagnostic questionnaires

Cognitive Symptoms Questionnaire for families and spouses

A questionnaire about changes in behavior and difficulties with memory a family member or friend has witnessed. To be completed by family members or friends. PDF (136.95kb)

Cognitive Symptoms Questionnaires for people experiencing cognitive changes

A questionnaire about changes in behavior and memory you are experiencing. PDF (89.15kb)


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