A Tesco branch in Chester has become the first UK supermarket to introduce a dementia-friendly checkout.

The checkout is clutter-free and displays large images depicting which coin is which. It is signposted by the Dementia Friends forget-me-not logo.

Every member of staff who operates the dementia-friendly till has also attended a dementia awareness workshop, delivered by the NHS and the Alzheimer’s Society. This will better equip staff to give extra support and time to those living with dementia and their carers.

The initiative came about after Tesco staff attended a Dementia Friends training session and spoke with customers living with dementia. One of these customers was Tommy Dunne who told the group that he now tends to only pay with notes in shops as he doesn’t like to hold people up by working out which coin is which.

We hope to see this innovative approach rolled out by more supermarkets across the UK to help those like Tommy. Training for more employees in public-facing roles would also go a long way towards helping those living with dementia carry out day-to-day duties like shopping.

Overall, it’s really encouraging to see the unique challenges faced by those living with dementia being recognised and spurring action in local communities.

25th October 2015

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